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Eyes, Salou and Beach Rats

Tony Fenton | September 28th 2014 | Travel

Hearing the diagnosis that I had a scratch 3mm by 1mm across my cornea didn’t really help. My eye stung and both were watering, bright lights or even daylight hurt, it felt as if I had a house brick in it and there was a pain whenever I moved the eye. It’s almost impossible to keep your eyes still even when closed. (more…)

The Untravelled World

Tony Fenton | September 14th 2014 | Travel

We were visiting friends last night who talked about their holiday this summer to Lake Garda in Italy, somewhere I’ve never been but always thought I’d visit one day. This really brings home how much there is to see in the world and how isolated a life we lead day to day.


Who Wants to Live Forever?

Tony Fenton | September 9th 2014 | General

Statistics could save the world.  At the very least they could save me.  Preventative medicine may be a good idea, a daily aspirin could reduce my risk of heart attack by up to 18%, adding an ACE inhibitor should add a further 16%.  That’s 34%, so if I could find a few other assorted drugs to make up the remaining 66% my heart could continue beating forever.  Of course this is utter nonsense, but to live forever – a nice thought.  Or is it?


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