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Tony Fenton | October 25th 2014 | General

Everything we do causes ripples.  This was brought home to me by watching “Surprise, Surprise” on TV the other night.  In case you don’t know of it, this is a fairly sloppy TV programme about rewarding people who have been doing charitable things in their lives.  (more…)

Pattern Recognition

Tony Fenton | October 20th 2014 | General

Start looking for a new car one day and pretty soon you are seeing examples of that car everywhere you look. Same thing happens if you’ve just noticed a particular breed of dog on a walk in the park, soon afterwards you are seeing that dog breed everywhere you go. The effect is called a frequency illusion.


Hunter’s Moon and Tales that Redshift

Tony Fenton | October 6th 2014 | General

As we approach the Hunter’s Moon there is a chill in the air and thoughts turn to autumn and the coming winter. There is a sense of magic as the change of seasons reveals there is more than just our day to day world, we are part of something much larger. Only two more full moons remain before Christmas, how time flies! In case you’re interested the full moons to come are the Beaver Moon and the Cold Moon. (more…)