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Plans for the New Year

Tony Fenton | December 30th 2014 | General

I had a great present this Christmas, a world map where you can scratch off places to which you’ve visited to reveal a different colour. It beats the current map on the office wall where I have flag pins stuck in which periodically drop out. The majority of the map is the original colour with only a few places scratched off to show where we have been over the past five years. It makes me start thinking about where I want to go to next and appreciate just how large the world is and vast the choice of possible destinations. (more…)

Open All Hours

Tony Fenton | December 20th 2014 | General

Surprisingly town wasn’t as busy as I had expected on the last Saturday before Christmas. The papers called it Panic Saturday¬†expecting people to be dashing around buying last minute presents. I must admit to still doing Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve before now, but now that shops are open longer hours it takes off some of the pressure. (more…)

Frankfurt Christmas Market

Frankfurt Christmas Market

Just back from 3 days in Frankfurt for some Christmas shopping and a bit of festive atmosphere around the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market). Taking a cheap option for the short break was possibly false economy in some ways as the flight was from Stansted to Frankfurt-Hahn. That meant for us a 3 hour drive in the early hours of Monday morning to get to Stansted. Then there’s the problem with Frankfurt-Hahn . . .



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