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Plans Underway for a Road Trip

Tony Fenton | January 28th 2015 | Travel
Route 66 towards Oatman, AZ

Route 66 towards Oatman, AZ

Just started planning the next holiday which gives us something to look forward to whilst we struggle through the bleak winter months.  This time we decided to take a DIY approach and book everything ourselves online rather than using a travel agent.  Slightly scary, but as there is so much information available online now and lots of people are geared up to accept online bookings, it really isn’t all that hard, just time-consuming. (more…)

New Year’s Day Trip

Tony Fenton | January 21st 2015 | Travel


Our New Year’s Day trip was to Weston-Super-Mare, one of the nearest coastal places to us and a quick drive down the motorway. Perhaps not one of the prettiest places, its weather forecast for New Year’s Day was one of the best for places closest to us.  We walked along the beach along with many other people who had the same idea – go to a beach on New Year’s Day.  Despite the dull weather, it did at least stay dry, if somewhat windy.


New Blog Engine

Tony Fenton | January 20th 2015 | Website

Well, after several days of research and thinking, another few days of work installing and configuring I finally took the plunge and changed the blog engine for this website from blogengine.net v2.7 (.Net and SQL Server) to WordPress 4.1.  I know, getting WordPress with its php and MySQL core to run on a windows web server is probably not the best combination but my curiosity got the better of me.  Yes, it is possible to teach otters to sing!  Possibly slightly slower than blogengine.net, WordPress does give me quite a lot more scope to experiment. (more…)