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The Ides of March

Tony Fenton | March 29th 2015 | General Photography Travel
Dunraven Bay

Dunraven Bay

Well, I can’t believe how this month has flown by and that my last post was at the end of February! A fair bit has happened this month, which is my excuse for not writing until now. As a birthday treat for me we went away to South Wales for a long weekend, to visit our favourite spot there – Dunraven Bay.  I first found this place when trying to locate a beach close to Cardiff, another favourite destination.  I guess there may be closer places to visit from Cardiff, but having found this bay it is now on our list of regular places to visit, which we have done in all seasons and weathers.

Incidentally, Dunraven Bay has been used by BBC Wales most notably for Doctor Who. You can see the bay in these episodes : Army of Ghosts/Doomsday: filmed 16 January 2006 (where the bay was called Bad Wolf Bay and meant to be in Norway for the tenth doctor’s / David Tennant final farewell to Rose Tyler / Billie Piper ) , Journey’s End: filmed 5 March 2008 and The Time Of Angels/Flesh And Stone: filmed 20-21 July 2009 (just in case you were interested).  Dunraven Bay would also be my own personal Journey’s End as you will read later.