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Open All Hours

Tony Fenton | December 20th 2014 | General

Surprisingly town wasn’t as busy as I had expected on the last Saturday before Christmas. The papers called it Panic Saturday expecting people to be dashing around buying last minute presents. I must admit to still doing Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve before now, but now that shops are open longer hours it takes off some of the pressure. (more…)


Tony Fenton | October 25th 2014 | General

Everything we do causes ripples.  This was brought home to me by watching “Surprise, Surprise” on TV the other night.  In case you don’t know of it, this is a fairly sloppy TV programme about rewarding people who have been doing charitable things in their lives.  (more…)

Pattern Recognition

Tony Fenton | October 20th 2014 | General

Start looking for a new car one day and pretty soon you are seeing examples of that car everywhere you look. Same thing happens if you’ve just noticed a particular breed of dog on a walk in the park, soon afterwards you are seeing that dog breed everywhere you go. The effect is called a frequency illusion.


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