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Hunter’s Moon and Tales that Redshift

Tony Fenton | October 6th 2014 | General

As we approach the Hunter’s Moon there is a chill in the air and thoughts turn to autumn and the coming winter. There is a sense of magic as the change of seasons reveals there is more than just our day to day world, we are part of something much larger. Only two more full moons remain before Christmas, how time flies! In case you’re interested the full moons to come are the Beaver Moon and the Cold Moon. (more…)

Who Wants to Live Forever?

Tony Fenton | September 9th 2014 | General

Statistics could save the world.  At the very least they could save me.  Preventative medicine may be a good idea, a daily aspirin could reduce my risk of heart attack by up to 18%, adding an ACE inhibitor should add a further 16%.  That’s 34%, so if I could find a few other assorted drugs to make up the remaining 66% my heart could continue beating forever.  Of course this is utter nonsense, but to live forever – a nice thought.  Or is it?


Season of Mists

Tony Fenton | September 6th 2014 | General

There is definitely a change in the air and a change in the light.  Autumn is approaching and the summer is drawing to a close.  I guess really the August Bank Holiday sees the end of the summer even though we try and stretch it out a little longer into September.  


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