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New Year’s Day Trip

Tony Fenton | January 21st 2015 | Travel


Our New Year’s Day trip was to Weston-Super-Mare, one of the nearest coastal places to us and a quick drive down the motorway. Perhaps not one of the prettiest places, its weather forecast for New Year’s Day was one of the best for places closest to us.  We walked along the beach along with many other people who had the same idea – go to a beach on New Year’s Day.  Despite the dull weather, it did at least stay dry, if somewhat windy.

Weston is a typical British seaside town, complete with a pier which features an amusement arcade and a tea room.  The pier modernisation was completed on 23 October 2010, yet you wouldn’t know that the pier is new as it retains all of the same character and features of all British seaside piers.  Aside from prices, you could have stepped back into the 1960s, or earlier.

Every so often along the railings of the pier are little signs giving out bite-sized pieces of information, about the place, seaside facts, etc.  This was where I learnt that a donkey’s eyes are positioned so that it can see all four feet at the same time.  I must admit I’d never thought about that before.  Presumably that means donkeys are inherently stable and sure-footed?  But we wouldn’t be able to put this to the test today as the Weston donkeys were not in evidence.  Can’t say I blame them though given how windy, cold and dull it was.

Before heading home we kept the British seaside traditions alive and had fish & chips.  The last for a while as I start my diet in an attempt to shed the pounds added over Christmas!  Hopefully the weather will be a bit warmer on our next trip out, but at least today was a good start to the year.



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