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Plans for the New Year

Tony Fenton | December 30th 2014 | General

I had a great present this Christmas, a world map where you can scratch off places to which you’ve visited to reveal a different colour. It beats the current map on the office wall where I have flag pins stuck in which periodically drop out. The majority of the map is the original colour with only a few places scratched off to show where we have been over the past five years. It makes me start thinking about where I want to go to next and appreciate just how large the world is and vast the choice of possible destinations.

Traditionally January is the month we start to plan our next holiday. Not surprisingly January is the top month for booking holidays and is the time when travel agents are at their busiest. With Christmas and New Year just over and the days still being short and cold, it is little wonder that people start to dream of longer, warmer days and thoughts turn to booking a holiday to look forward to during the gloomy tail end of winter. In previous years we have often had a few ideas about where to go, but this year seems harder than ever. Perhaps because the last few years have seen some great holidays it is hard to think of anywhere to rival them.

One thing is for sure, we need to plan some short breaks as well. Looking back at the pictures from last year’s travels there were very few visits we made compared with previous years. In the run up to New Year’s Eve, it’s good to think ahead to the coming year and start some plans.

But first we must decide where to go on New Year’s Day, there’s something good about starting off the year with a day out away from it all. We just need to find somewhere where the weather doesn’t look too bad!

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