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Plans Underway for a Road Trip

Tony Fenton | January 28th 2015 | Travel
Route 66 towards Oatman, AZ

Route 66 towards Oatman, AZ

Just started planning the next holiday which gives us something to look forward to whilst we struggle through the bleak winter months.  This time we decided to take a DIY approach and book everything ourselves online rather than using a travel agent.  Slightly scary, but as there is so much information available online now and lots of people are geared up to accept online bookings, it really isn’t all that hard, just time-consuming.

We are planning another US road trip, this time taking in Yellowstone, Arches, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks before ending up in San Diego for some relaxation before flying home.  The last road trip (California Road Trip 2013) we booked through a travel agent, but we had problems getting them to book the exact places we wanted for overnight stops.  It took a couple of long visits to the travel agents but we got there in the end.  As we wished to avoid this and have total control over the route and overnight stops we decided to book it all ourselves.  The downside is having to pay up-front for some of the elements of the trip.  The flights, for example, had to be paid in full at the time of booking.  As this represents a major element of the total package it means we had to pay a lot more than a nominal deposit which would have been the case if we had used a travel agent.  Luckily all of the hotels just needed a credit card to make the reservation with payment when we check out.

That just leaves the car hire, which will be a little dearer than normal as we are doing a one way rental which always incur an extra charge. But I’m sure a little more research and we’ll find a good deal!

The best bit now is adding the detail to the outline plan. Having got the route and overnight stops I now need to read about the national parks and plan where exactly to go to make the most of our time there. Really looking forward to the trip!


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