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Return from Antigua

Tony Fenton | December 14th 2014 | Travel
Cocobay, Antigua

Cocobay, Antigua

I can’t believe that I’ve been back from Antigua for 2 weeks now and all I’ve managed so far is to copy the pictures off the memory cards and make a backup copy of them! That’s the problem with work and day to day life getting in the way of travelling!




Going away so close to Christmas also means that the usual festive shopping and activities mean there is even less free time. That and a reoccurrence of my eye problem which the nurse at the eye hospital (yes, another visit there, on the Thursday of my first week back) reckoned was due to the 8 hour return flight on the plane. Air-conditioning drying out the eye has a lot to answer for.

Needless to say Antigua was wonderful. Perfect weather, great resort, plenty of relaxation and the people were so friendly and welcoming that it felt like going home. Not surprising that we met lots of people who were returning for their 5th, 9th or even 13th time.

The highlight of the holiday was sailing on an old school friend’s yacht, Jabberwocky. After 38 years we had a great catch-up and a wonderful day sailing along the southern coastline of the island before watching sunset from Five Islands then returning to Jolly Harbour. I can definitely recommend booking the yacht, it’s a great day and a wonderful way to enjoy the peace and beauty of the Antiguan coast. Check out their website for details.

I’m looking forward to sifting through the photographs and adding the best to a new gallery here, hopefully there will be some time over Christmas. In the meantime I’ll leave you with some wise words imparted to us by Vincia, the lovely lady who worked at the beach bar in the Cocobay Resort where we stayed. Her grandmother used to say about being grounded and not getting pretentious, “Don’t hang your hat any higher than you can reach it.” Sound advice. Don’t lose your way, always remember who you are.

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