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Season of Mists

Tony Fenton | September 6th 2014 | General

There is definitely a change in the air and a change in the light.  Autumn is approaching and the summer is drawing to a close.  I guess really the August Bank Holiday sees the end of the summer even though we try and stretch it out a little longer into September.  

The last Bank Holiday of the year always feels a little like a desperate attempt to savour a bit more of the summer before the return to school or college.  For those at work the autumn and winter days loom ahead with nothing to aim for except a glimmer of Christmas.  The Parisian La Rentree seems a cruel way to mark summer’s end and signal the start of the hard slog of work and forever shortening days to mid winter.

But I will continue to feign ignorance to the season and sit out in the conservatory, maybe closing the doors more frequently, but staying until the light fades each evening.  Of course there are also things to enjoy in the autumn, the mellow atmosphere and less harsh light.  Even the misty mornings have their own beauty. Hopefully the crisp icy mornings are still some way off though.

This time of year also feels like time to take stock.  Maybe the traditional start of the academic year also marks the time to start anew with plans. A fresh start, a change of course (figuratively or literally). I’m not sure where I’m heading but I do feel a change in the air.

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