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Narrowboat Emma

Tony Fenton | August 13th 2015 | Canals

Narrowboat Emma on the Birmingham-Worcester Canal somewhere between Tardebigg and Hopwood

As a birthday treat for a friend, we hired a narrowboat for the day. What a great time we had and a fantastic introduction to the world of the Inland Waterways !  We had already experienced some of what the canal system has to offer by using various towpaths to cycle along and enjoy a different world, a secret network in the heart of Birmingham and the surrounding countryside.  It’s quite odd to pass under a bridge on the canal to realise where that is and what road is going over the canal.  We had two tunnels on the day – Shortwood and Tardebigg, but no locks to negotiate.  That we will leave until another outing!

There is definitely something restful about chugging along at 4mph on a canal.  It didn’t matter that the weather wasn’t great, at least it was dry and relatively warm.

Trouble is now, I’m hooked! I’m already looking at the RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman course as I’d like to learn more.