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I’m all left and half of that ay right

Tony Fenton | February 6th 2015 | General
Uncle Jim

James Tilley Burford 25/04/1927-22/01/2015

A strange day today.  In the morning I went to my uncle’s funeral. He was a lovely man and even though I didn’t see much of him in later years, I fondly remember frequent visits when I was younger. He was both a gentleman and a gentle man, had a great sense of humour and always had a tale or two to tell. Whenever anyone asked him if he was alright, he would reply, “I’m all left and half of that ay right”.  I learnt today that upon joining the army, when asked “Those who can drive, step forward”, he stepped forward and became a driver to move SS prisoners between camps in Europe during the Second World War.

Only he didn’t have a driving license. He could drive though and the question hadn’t been whether anyone had a driving license, only whether they could drive or not.  That was Uncle Jim.

One strange coincidence today was the registration plates on the funeral cars. They all ended in JTB, Jim’s initials. How weird was that?!

Of course, saying goodbye to one of my mother’s brothers brings home not just my own mortality, but also the fact that my parents are getting older and the day of saying goodbye to them will come around, sadly sooner than later.  My mother is now the eldest in the family.  Nothing can prepare you for that final day.

Seeing my other aunts, uncles and cousins was good despite the circumstances. It’s a pity we only get together at such times, the one thing I’ve missed out on through living away from everyone since my early working life.

The second half of the day was spent in the Birmingham Eye Hospital. The return of problems with the scratch on my cornea that I had last September.  I’ve still been having problems with it, still stinging every so often and for a few days after that the nuisance of double-vision and a nasty halo effect around street lights, traffic lights and car headlights.

After a two and a half hour wait I got to see a doctor and had a comprehensive examination which revealed that the initial scratch has almost healed, leaving a small dot which will continue to heal over. The dot is right in the centre of vision, hence the issues with halos and double vision, especially when the eye dries out.  As aircon exacerbates the problem, a recent desk move at the office will definitely help out.

Now for a weekend to rest and chill out.  Good times.

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