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Amazing Singapore

Singapore was our last stop on the return home. On our last day in Brisbane we felt like just wanting to go straight back home rather than stopping somewhere else, however Singapore turned out to be a fascinating place well worth a visit.

The place is amazingly clean and tidy with not even a leaf out of place. The MRT (subway/underground rail) is shiny and clean, no litter, no graffiti and fully air-conditioned platforms as well as trains. We made good use of it to get around without any bother at all.

Our Visit

In the two full days we had in Singapore we visited Raffles, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands and went to the top of the ion Shopping Centre on Orchard Road (the main shopping street with everything all the way up to high end designer stores).

Gardens by the Bay

We actually went here three times over the two days as it is such a lovely place with loads to see. Aside from the Supertrees the gardens are immaculate and lush and we enjoyed walking through them. Our second visit was after dark when the Supertree Grove trees are used for a sound and light show, even with crowds of people there it was still fun to experience. Our final visit was on the afternoon of the last day and we went on the aerial walkway between two of the supertrees in the grove.

Singapore, home of Raffles and the Singapore Sling

Photo Gallery

Here is a selection of my photographs from Singapore.


Singapore was a stop over on the way back home, an 8 hour flight from Brisbane but still another 14 hours to get back to London.

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